Sunday, October 14, 2012

WAY long overdue update

 Here is our house.  Our lovely, beautiful, second chance at life HOME!  We are all happy here.  The neighborhood is wonderful!  We have tons of kids for our kids to play with.  This was the right thing to do.
 Gavin's new room in the basement.  Thank you Uncle Tye and Aunt Ashley.  This was a gift from them to us/Gavin for Gavin's 15th birthday.  It looks even better with the trim Uncle Tye put in and with a bed in there!  I know Gavin is SO happy to not have to share with Rainier anymore.
 Happy 2nd Birthday to Pierce.  You have been a total joy to our family for 2 whole years now.  WE LOVE YOU!
 Happy Birthday Evelyn (Evie, Wee-Wee)!  You are 1 year old.  This year flew by despite all that happened this year.
 Dad and Pierce
 Dad and Evie
 Rainier, undoubtably wishing that this present was for him!  :)
 Evelyn and Addie.  The kids just got back from soccer games, hence their uniforms
Babies eating cake.  They were so funny.  Evie didn't eat THAT much cake but she made herself sick.  She threw up everywhere in her bed later that night.   I have never had a child do this before.  That girl is so silly!

So, we are plugging along here in Daybreak.  I am 2 nights a week in Labor and Delivery and one night over on mom/baby.  I hope to go full time L&D soon.  It's in my blood. 
Gavin managed to not get into any pictures but he is growing up so fast.  I hardly can believe what a change there has been in him since Evie was born.  He has girls all over the place!  HELP!
Addie is loving soccer and is an amazing player.  I had no idea she would do so well
Rainier is Rainier.  Hates school.  Likes soccer, friends and the PS3.

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